what is onedaycurious?

onedaycurious is the start of something to help anyone who wants to work on their curiosity.

a daily task, probably no more than 15 minutes, to help exercise your curiosity.

a daily practice, not unlike yoga or meditation, to help you experience more of the world.

each day, open onedaycurious, and do the exercise. if every day is too much, start with one day a week.

all you need is a notebook, a pen and willingness to observe.

so, let’s get started.



I have two jobs. One is as the father of two children. One is as the head of innovation for 300 people.

In both roles – curiosity plays a huge role.

Children have unlimited amounts of curiosity – they endlessly ask why, poke things to see what happens, test the boundaries of their relationships with things, people and the world, draw outside of the lines – partially because they don’t know how things work, partially because they want to see how far they can push things.

We lose this over time. We’re told to draw inside the lines. We create pathways in our brain from doing tasks in the same way day after day. Our curiosity fades as we think we know how things work, and we stop wanting to push things.

Curiosity is a muscle – just as your legs strengthen the more you run, or your emotional wellbeing improves the more you care for yourself, curiosity can be worked upon and developed, and you can start to break down the habitual routines which keep your eyes down and forward, and help you lift your head up, look around and ask ‘why?’ a little more often.

At Carat, “More Curious” is a key behaviour of our internal culture: Make Brave Happen, and one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘where do you get your ideas from? how do you fuel your creativity?’ – I don’t consciously fuel myself in this way, I just look to my other job and take the principles of being a child, and apply it – be more curious, be interested in being interested, fill yourself up with new and different stimulus and things, and over time, they’ll reconnect in unusual ways and form different thinking.

If you’re logged in as a Carat employee, you’ll see additional functionality to help you on your journey, but anyone can use this site.

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