#53 - doodle in meetings

during meetings, doodle.

it doesn’t matter what the doodles are of, just let your mind wander and create doodles.

perhaps draw shapes around the words which resonate with you.

perhaps draw lines between notes which you’ve made.

allow the doodle to express how you’re feeling about what you’re listening to.

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Some researchers suspect doodling may help the brain remain active by engaging its “default networks”—regions that maintain a baseline of activity in the cerebral cortex when outside stimuli are absent, a Lancet study says. People who were encouraged to doodle while listening to a list of people’s names being read were able to remember 29% more of the information on a surprise quiz later, according to a 2009 study in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

So doodling, rather than looking like you’re not paying attention, can actually help you listen better.