#44 - Take a walk through the park

Get out from the work place and talk a walk in the park.

Use 15 minutes, regardless of weather, and wander aimlessly.

If you have time, sit and watch the people pass by.

Don’t rush. Just listen to the sounds, and feel the breeze.

Don’t check your phone or the time.

Once you feel 15 minutes have passed, return to what you were doing.

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A change of environment can shake you out of routine and habit and fresh air wakes up the senses. If you go somewhere without any specific purpose, you’ll often just be more open to seeing things which you wouldn’t normally notice.

Additionally, being outdoors, rather than behind glass, helps give you a dose of Vitamin D. There are thoughts that Vitamin D can help attention and focus, so not only are you getting some fresh air, you may also return to work with more motivation.

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