#80 - sit somewhere new

Take fifteen minutes to sit somewhere different.

Just take the time to take in your surroundings.

Observe what you can see, hear, smell.

Do not allow yourself to be interrupted.

Just concentrate on observing what you discover in the new space.

If you’re able –┬ástay in that space, and carry on working.

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There are a number of reasons why just 15 minutes in a new space can help promote your curiosity and creativity – but the most simple is discovering something new.

It’s so easy to get into habits, sitting in the same place every day, having the things around you which you need.

Forcing yourself to be in a new environment means your brain is playing attention to the space around you, helping you navigate, looking out for dangers, you’re simply more alert. Whilst in this state of attention, your mind is more open to observing things, which might interest you.

Mindfully observing the space around you too also helps – what are the things you see? Go and take a closer look, have a read, ask someone a question – just spending time exploring helps you to stumble across things which you might find interesting.