#17 - read a niche magazine

Grab a copy of a magazine you’ve never read before.

Something with a focus on a topic or theme you know little about.

Spend at least 30 minutes reading it today.

Focused time, without interruption.

Use your notebook to make notes of anything which interests you.

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This exercise could be applied to any form of new content – but magazines work brilliantly, as they are generally designed with bite-size and short-form content, and over recent years, a renaissance of niche, well-considered and independent magazines has arisen – many of which are focused on specific topics, but highly accessible.

For less than £10, you’ll literally and figuratively open up a completely new world, and if it interests you, you can subscribe to the magazine for regular doses.

Specialist newsagents like Charlotte Street News, STACK magazines, Sampler and MagCloud are all brilliant ways of finding interesting and small run magazines, or just visit your local library.

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