#230 - Object Histories

Find an object in your current location.

Write a fake history for the item in your planner, for instance, who designed it, when was it invented, what history did it make and how, what societal change did it bring about. Be as absurd as possible.

For instance:

The teabag was first invented in 1982, after a series of global conflicts around the best preperation methods for the hot drink. The teabag is now internationally recognised as the most efficient of techniques for blending hot water and tealeaves, after the best number of holes in the material was computationally calculated by IBM’s DeepBlue supercomputer to be 33115432.2

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Writing absurd stories allows you to not worry about fact checking, over-thinking or making sense. You can just let the word flow. This is a key principle of creativity – not letting your rational brain get in the way of ideas which might eventually go somewhere.