#56 - Endless writing on the topic ‘fun’

take 10 minutes.

grab your notebook and pen.

and write endlessly on the topic ‘fun’.

(if you haven’t done “endless writing” yet, read the guide below).

after 10 minutes, highlight or circle any words or passages which jump out at you.

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Endless writing about the topic of fun will help you explore some of the things which put a smile on your face, or which you seem to enjoy. Once you’ve finished the exercise, see if there is anything which leaps out that you could take forward into another task – doing something which you haven’t done before.

Endless writing is a technique we use in One Day Curious across a number of themes. It helps you reach your subconscious and can allow thoughts to surface without thinking, through your writing. Check out the guide on Endless Writing in the resources links below.

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