#37 - arrange to meet a familiar stranger

Using social media, find someone who comments on your friends’ posts regularly – but you do not know.

Ask your friend for an introduction to this familiar stranger.

Go for a coffee or tea with the stranger, and let them talk for 15 minutes, without talking about yourself. Do not let yourself be interrupted. Do not use your phone.

Just ask questions and be interested. Once the 15 minutes have elapsed, you can share your own interests.

After the meeting – use your note book to capture anything interesting you remember.

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The notion of the “familiar stranger” in a public space is an interesting concept, and online social media creates additional frequent interactions with people who we don’t know, but have a connection with, either through behaviours or mutual friends.

Meeting strangers can be hard in real-life, so a friend of a friend is a safer alternative to discover something about someone you’ve not met yet.

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